Create The Life You Want in an 8-week Healing Journey.


A Conscious Emotional Transformation and Quantum Energy Healing.


Healing Journey with Quantum Energy Healing - Miryam Ferris

A Healing Journey

 My Transformation from Engineer to Energy Healer


My journey began with a singular goal: to forge a life filled with peace and happiness. This healing journey, initially a personal quest, evolved into a profound exploration of conscious emotional transformation. As an engineer, my world was structured and logical, yet I yearned for something more – a life where inner peace and empowerment weren’t just ideals but realities.

The path wasn’t short; it was a winding road of self-discovery and emotional liberation. Through quantum energy healing and other transformative practices, I unlocked the secrets to resolving inner conflicts and embracing emotional freedom. This journey wasn’t just about healing; it was about reinventing myself.

I realized my true calling was not in engineering but in guiding others as an Energy Healer. My mission became clear: to help you tap into your innate power, bolster your self-esteem, and manifest the life you’ve always envisioned.

The Healing Journey You Need


The Mentoring “Create the Life You Want” is an 8-week program that summarizes a Conscious Journey of Transformation and Healing. This program is a culmination of everything I’ve learned and experienced. It’s tailored to address the core issues we face: anxiety, deep-seated sadness, and the complexities of relationships.

I stand before you, not just as an Energy Healer but as someone who has walked the path you’re on. I’ve navigated the challenges, embraced the healing journey, and emerged with a life brimming with emotional freedom, joy, and love. Now, I’m here to illuminate your path, sharing the powerful tools of quantum energy healing and conscious emotional transformation.

Join me in this transformative experience. Together, we’ll embark on a healing journey that transcends the ordinary, unlocking a life of extraordinary possibilities. It’s time to release those emotional chains and step into a world where your desired future awaits. Embrace this journey, and let’s create the life you want – a life defined by freedom, happiness, and boundless love.


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Carmen Quintana Review

Carmen Quintana

Miryam helped me with her presence. She gave me time and space and answered my questions. I knew I could count on her.

Carlos Buelvas Review

Carlos Buelvas

Miryam is a great professional. She is a guide that transforms uncertainty into clarity and security. I felt the connection and Peace I needed. I highly recommend her 🙏🏼

Lorena Castro Review

Lorena Castro

Miryam helped me so much to believe in myself. She is an extraordinary and kind person. Now I feel secure and happy. I'm thankful to meet her and have her as a teacher.

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