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The most common question I’m asked is “What Akashic Records Questions can I do?” And the answer is very simple…

Akashic Records Questions - Miryam Ferris

Hello, it’s Miryam

Master in Akashic Records

I have had access to past lives (or Akashic Records) since 2012.

They helped me to improve my life, become aware, understand, free from inner chains, and empower myself.

Here you will find, according to my experience, what is the best way to question your Akashic Records.

The person accessing your Akashic Records should know why you ask every question and how important it is for you. So they will be able to connect with the root of the problem and help you more efficiently.

  • Better to ask: “Why me and my mom never get along?”
  • Than: “Mom’s relationship”

In the first question, we can see that you have problems with your mom that started in a past life (because you always had disagreements ). Both souls decided to incarnate as mother and child to solve them eventually. And here you are, trying to figure out how.

Below are question examples and common topics to ask your Akashic Records.

Akashic Records Questions


Ask with Respect. You are Accessing to Sacred Information.

Focus on Helping yourself. The Information is very powerful.

Be Respectful With Others Privacy.


Use the Information to Improve your Life.


Always trust your instincts.

Don’t use the Information to Blame or Manipulate others.

Akashic Records Questions


  • What have I come for?
  • What is the main purpose of my life?
  • Do I have something important to forgive or integrate from a past life?
  • Why do I feel attacked by some person(s) (say their names)?
  • Why do I get along with (name of person or animal)?
  • How can I understand the death of (name of person or animal) so that it doesn’t hurt so much?
  • How can I improve my economic abundance?
  • What blocks my abundance?
  • Why do I always dream (tell your dream)?
  • Why did I dream (tell your dream)?
  • Why does (name of person or animal) have the disease (name of disease)?



  • Do I know (name of person or animal) from other lives?
  • Please release all my vows, promises, pacts, and oaths
  • Why is it repeated (count what is repeated) in my life?
  • Is there a stable partner planned for me?
  • What do I have to learn to love in my life?
  • How can I expand my inner love?
  • How to connect with my cosmic family?
  • Does (name of person or animal) have a message for me?
  • Why did (name of animal) run away, and I can’t find it?
  • In what previous life was I able to develop all my gifts?
  • What can I do to stop being afraid of (describe what you fear)?


  • Why bother me that (another person’s name) does (something)?
  • Why do I feel like I know (other person’s name) from before?
  • How can I help (other person’s name)?
  • It hurts (something)
  • How can I heal it?
  • What do I need to improve spiritually?
  • How can I overcome (something)?
  • How can I unlock (something)?
  • Something always happens to me (tell what happens to you)
  • What should I understand about this situation?
  • What should I do in life?
  • Why do I feel sad at work?
  • Should I continue opposing?
  • Why do I panic at (describe your panic)?

Akashic Records Questions



Shortage problems in any sense in your life.


Situations with animals, know if you met in past lives,...


Repetitive situations, and you need to understand why they are happening and stop them


Why do you feel a unique connection with a specific place,...


Cosmic Family Connection. If you lived on other planets, ...


If you need guidance in your awareness path or your life mission.

Study or


If you need guidance, doubts, or problems.


Existential questions: why was I born, what did I come to do,...


Phobias or uncontrollable fears that you don't know where they come from.


Problems or situations experienced in your business.



Problems with partner, friends, family, ...


Energy Cleansings, problems on rent or sell,...


Why do you have a health problem? What message does it have for you?


Meaning of dreams, Messages received through dreams,...



Problems with your partner, situations that are repeated...



Release what started in another life and still creates problems in this one without you knowing it.

Akashic Records and Future

The Akashic Records are a wonderful tool that helps humans on their path of raising consciousness. For this reason, all the information they give is exclusively for that, and that is how it must be taken.

In my experience, I do not recommend using the Akashic Records to ask about the future, as timelines change very quickly, and what is a certainty for your future today, two days from now, may not even be possible for you.

If there is something in your future that you need to know, they will tell you without you asking.

If, even so, you feel the need to ask about your future, the tool that you may need is the tarot.


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  • Discretion

Miryam Ferris

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