Create the Life You Want in 8 Weeks

Live Conscious Guide for a Deep Personal Transformation.


Imagine yourself living the life you always dreamed of.


Surrounded by people who love you and support you in achieving your goals

Living free of stress and sadness

Freed from the beliefs and limitations of others

Creating new opportunities in your life

Feeling empowered and with elevated self-esteem


You can create the life you truly deserve. I give you the tools to do it…

How does it change your life?


These are the 5 profound changes that this program brings to your life according to one of our mentors:

“Thanks to this program, I feel more at PEACE, when before I lived in fear.

That peace and what we learn in the program make me see everything with a new AWARENESS. I see my life as a place to make decisions and discover new opportunities.

And that allows me to TRANSFORM my reality in new ways unknown to me until now.

That transformation ends in CREATION most of the time. I let out the child in me to create things while I enjoy the experience to the fullest.

And finally, that connects me with my enjoyment and happiness, makes me feel more free and EXPANDED.”

What Do I offer?

I will guide you for 8 weeks to empower yourself and align you with your best future.


  • 1 welcome session
  • 8 live master classes
    • 2 hours online per week
    • Awareness: self-knowledge will lead you to see what your reality is now.
    • Practical: I will give you easy and powerful tools to unblock yourself and move in the direction you want to go.
  • Personalized service: we will deal with real examples of the participants.



  • Workbook
  • Follow-up group on WhatsApp
  • Recording of the master classes so you can watch them later.
  • Energetic Release at the end of the welcome session and each master class.
  • 1 review session after 3 months.

We will review a strategic point every week

  • Week 1- Understand and release your Anxiety in order to achieve your goals.
  • Week 2- Change the course of your Deep Sadness while increasing your self-confidence.
  • Week 3- Reverse the karma in your personal relationships, opening yourself to quality relationships.
  • Week 4- Release family beliefs and reclaim your power as an individual.
  • Week 5- Feel free to choose your relationships and make your decisions.
  • Week 6- Transform your obstacles into opportunities by empowering yourself.
  • Week 7- Restore your power and move forward to achieve your goals.
  • Week 8- Manifest your desires by aligning your creative power to create the life you desire.


You will reinforce your self-esteem throughout the mentoring with practical and easy tips.

What do you  get

The mentoring “Create the life you want” will mark a milestone in your life.


  1. You stop creating more anxiety. Also, you learn to recognize and heal the anxiety that you already have, and that prevents you from achieving your goals.
  2. You detect where the deep sadness comes from. You incorporate effective tools to release it. And also, you gain confidence to make decisions and move forward.
  3. You stop falling into the same things. You open yourself to quality relationships that support, respect, and love you as you are.
  4. To restore your independence, you free yourself from emotional attachments and family beliefs that hold you back.
  5. You learn to recognize harmful people. You feel free to choose your relationships and make your own decisions.
  6. You reconnect with your values, security, and self-esteem. You begin to take advantage of opportunities that were previously invisible to you.
  7. You free yourself from insecurities, feel empowered, and take off towards your goals.
  8. You align with your creative power and can manifest your desired life with the tools I give you.

If you feel…


Emptiness and Loneliness

Sadness or Anxious

You are Never Your Priority


With Low Self-Esteem

It doesn’t happen what you want in your life



Miryam Ferris


She has the gift of healing through the eyes. She activates awareness networks, channels past lives, and guards stellar and intraterrestrial wisdom.

Healer since 2012, she speaks Light Languages (the Soul Languages) that heal only by listening to them.

She studied Engineering, but she left that behind when she felt a strong inner call. Then, she reconnected with her soul’s mission and started a path of self-discovery that led her to guide others in what she already found and experienced by herself. Since then, she has assisted people with a profound need for inner change to connect with their potential and create the life they want.

Miryam Ferris is a star seed on Eart. She came to redirect humanity to a great change.

Eventually, she studied Akashic Records, Tameana, Rainbow Crystal Reiki (Reiki Cristal Arco Iris®), Munay-Ki, and Andine Ñustas.


A Punt TV


Years of Experience


on YouTube



Mindalia TV




Because I was you and it took me very long to find the way out.

Now, I offer it to you so you can move faster toward your well-being.

39 Awareness Raisings

You will gain a greater understanding of what is holding you back from achieving your goals.

62 Inner Movements

You will feel differently inside, so you will naturally make other choices. You will feel more empowered.

23 Energy Healings

We will release energetic blockages that prevent you from being free and achieving your goals.

In only 8 weeks!!


Miryam's method is easy and simple but profound and liberating. For me, it has been a milestone in my life.

5 estrellas

Marta López-larrea


Miryam has given me mind peace, ordered and reconfigured me. After meeting her, something changed inside of me. I am eternally grateful that we have met.

5 estrellas

Nacho Vagliatto


It has been an intense experience. Miryam helps us to bring out the potential that we carry within.

5 estrellas

Lucía García


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  • Discretion

Miryam Ferris

Energy Healer and Channel since 2012

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