Energy Healing


What is Energy Healing?

We will explain Energy Healing easily so everyone can understand it.

The human body functions thanks to the life energy that constantly runs through it. That Energy acts similarly to a computer and manages our vital functions, emotions, and general well-being.

Just as we inherit visible physical characteristics, such as eye color, from our parents and grandparents, we also inherit specific invisible “programming” of their energetic system. At the same time, we bring our own “programmings” that, as a soul, we were not yet able to change in our previous existences.

Those “programs” would be installed in our bodies when we are born, just like the programs you see when you plug in a computer you just bought.

Moreover, just as we can add more programs to our computers, we, during our lifetime, can also incorporate “programming” that we did not acquire initially from our surroundings.

What happens to them? Some of those programs work perfectly, while others may need a new version to work in the best possible way.

Energetic Healing is in charge of making these improvements and ensuring that our system works as well as possible.

So we can say that Energetic Healing is when we work with the invisible Energy of our body so that it flows again in the best way to help us feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally.

What is Energy Healing based on?

Energy Healing is based on the wisdom of humanity’s ancient medicines. Imagine that within you flows a kind of invisible river, which is your vital energy (known as “qi” in China, “prana” in India, etc.) This energy keeps you alive.

Now, imagine that this river of energy has blockages or obstacles that prevent the water from flowing freely. When the energy does not flow as it should, problems begin to appear in the body. First, maybe you feel a little discomfort, but over time, if those blockages are not fixed, they become pain or disease.

Energy Healing works by unblocking those blocked rivers. It goes right to the source of the problem or blockage in your energy, and dissolves it. Doing so not only fixes the problem where it started but also improves the flow of energy throughout your body, helping you to feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Ancient medicines have been used since the beginning of time. They existed long before modern medicine as we know it was invented. And yet, many people today continue to turn to Energy Healing for its amazing and immediate results.

What is Energy Healing for?

Imagine you are like a cell phone. It usually works fine, but sometimes, you need to turn it off and plug it back in to keep it working well. The same thing happens to you when you feel exhausted or stressed.

Energy Healing does that reset to your system that, while recharging you, also fixes any problems that prevent the charge from flowing properly.

This reset acts in three ways at once:

1) Relieving possible physical discomfort.

2) Improving how you feel: releasing those heavy or negative emotions that you sometimes carry with you, as if you were deleting applications that you no longer use and only take up space.

3) And helping you change those ideas that hold you back and tell you “I can’t do it” or “I’m not enough.”

It’s like upgrading your phone to make it work divinely. By doing so, you feel lighter, more joyful, and more at peace.

How does Energy Healing work?

The energy healer functions like a plumber when unclogging a clogged pipe. In the same way, an energy healer locates blockages, releasing them and restoring the desired energy flow again.

The amazing thing is that when internal blockages are released, you feel better on the inside and begin to notice changes on the outside in your daily life. Being able to feel differently about a situation that exhausted you, you can now feel at peace. You can act differently, with a different perspective, attracting better opportunities and scenarios to your life.

How many types of Healing exist?

Many, and more every day, because more and more powerful advanced, quantum techniques continue to be channeled, which can make modifications at the energetic DNA level in seconds, when it used to take several sessions.

Some examples are:

  • The Language of Light
  • Light Codes
  • Quantum technologies such as Quartz or Quarts
  • Quantum Constellations
  • Root Healing with Akashic Records

What is an Energy Healer?

An Energy Healer is a person who knows how to make the body’s energies flow correctly because they have previously experienced it in themself. Once they have restored the flow of energy in themself, it is straightforward for them to help others restore theirs.

The Energy Healer may know different healing techniques and will wisely apply the one that best helps each individual, depending on the blockage to be released. Generally, connect with your Soul to guide the healing, as each being is different and needs different things, and only your Soul knows what is best for them at all times.

What problems is Energy Healing recommended for?

For everything you would like to solve. It works with everything because, according to quantum physics, everything is energy. Therefore, acting at the energetic level, it is able to release any layer of the human being.

Does energy healing really work?

Yes, and you can usually feel its benefits immediately, especially if you are sensitive to the energies.

You can also feel its benefits in your daily life if you are not sensitive to the energies.

Usually, after a session, you feel a sense of lightness and tranquility that makes you face life from a more positive and enriching point of view.

In addition, you may feel differently about the situation that disturbed you before and now feel calm about it.

Finally, sometimes you may also notice changes in other people’s attitudes towards you since, by changing your energy, you attract kinder and more harmonious situations.

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