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Liberate your Past Lives and Create a Fulfilled Life

– Level 1 Akashic Records –

Accessing Your Akashic Records Certified Course

You will learn to seal in your Akashic Records or Past Lifes as fish in the water.

  • Open your Akashic Records (connect with your past lives)
  • Download information from your Past Lives
  • Amplify your Channel’s ability to download information.
  • Unblock what is disturbing you from past lives.
  • Close your Records (disconnect from your Past Lives)
  • Improve your Current Life instantly.
  • Certified.

¡All in one course!


  • Vídeos.
  • Manuals.
  • Exercises.


What they say

América Torrella

I have studied many healing techniques, but how Miryam does it for me has been very special. Her constant support is very much appreciated. Her follow-up gives you peace of mind.

Maria Laura Bermejo

Ohhh😍 what an honor and joy your presence in my life! Thank you 🤍

Beatriz Requena

Thank you for everything, you always show me the way when I get lost.💖💖💖💖, all my blessings ✨✨✨✨.

Isabel Martínez

What a beautiful meditation. Thank you, beautiful soul of light; I have felt this call to dive and meditate in the sea… Now I understand why, 💎 blue sparkles I could always perceive, I will continue to prepare myself to receive all this Pleiadian love. Thanks again 🙏

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Healer since 2012

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