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Light Language Transmission

Light Language Transmissions have many deep and relevant benefits, including multidimensional healing, inner love expansionchakra alignmentADN level healingunlocking your future, opening inner doors, deep healing, and cosmic technologies.

Join us for a transformative experience at the Light Language Transmission Online event! Discover how light language can promote and expand your inner qualities. You will feel the Light within you, which can benefit your loved ones as well only by being next to you.

Whether you are new to light language or familiar with its magic, this event offers a safe and supportive space to expand your inner consciousness, love, and balance. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to connect, heal, and grow together!

Light Language Transmission Miryam Ferris

📅 Date and Time

March 22 @ 11:00 AM 12:30 PM

This is in Arizona Time. If your location is not listed, find your time here.

💻 Online Event

Instructions: When you buy your ticket, you will receive the meeting link.

Light Language goes directly from Soul to Soul without any disturbance or disruption. Every session is a different experience. The Light Language is intelligent and gives you exactly what your Soul needs the most.

During the Light Language Transmissions, sensitive people can feel the inner energy movements while others may experience relaxation, love, expansion, joy, blessings, and more. Every human being can feel and have different sensations. Some people can even see light colors even with their eyes closed. Others may not feel anything, but that doesn’t mean that they are not receiving the blessings. Quite the opposite, Light Language is opening their heart to the blessings, and soon they will feel more and more each time.

🤩 For a personalized Light Language Session, go here.