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Have you ever felt empty inside, having everything you ever wanted?

I hear you. In 2009, despite having a successful career in engineering and everything one could wish for, something essential was missing inside of me.

That feeling led me to embark on an eye-opening journey of self-discovery. And there, I found my true passion: empowering people like you to create your desired life.


From Engineer to Energy Healer: My Transformation

My engineering training provided me with unique skills, but it also confronted me with emotional challenges and complicated personal relationships.
Over time, I realized that the answers I sought could not be found through logic and reason alone. So, I began to explore spiritual and emotional tools that transformed my life from the inside out.


Your Guide to Personal Empowerment

I am here to shorten your path to wellness by guiding you to empowerment. I will use all my discoveries in my own path and energy expansion, so your results will be unbeatable.

You need to be willing to step out of your comfort zone and let me guide you.

Are you ready?

about me

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Miryam Ferris

Energy Healer and Channel since 2012
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